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Interpret / Translate​

Interpret / Translate

As a service provider, we are aware that interpretation and translation services are vital for individuals with disabilities who may have diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and require assistance to access NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) services effectively. We recognize the importance of clear communication and thus we offer the following translation and interpretation services:

Language Interpretation:

Like a responsible NDIS service provider, we offer language interpretation services to individuals who are not proficient in English or have limited English proficiency. This helps ensure that participants can communicate their needs, preferences, and goals accurately.

Our skilled interpreters facilitate communication during NDIS assessments, planning meetings, and interactions with support workers, ensuring that participants fully understand the process and their rights.

Sign Language Interpretation:

We can arrange qualified sign language interpreters for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and use sign language (e.g., Auslan in Australia). These interpreters facilitate communication between participants and NDIS staff, ensuring effective engagement.

Medication Management:

We offer support to help participants manage their medications. This may involve reminders to take prescribed medications, assistance with administering medication, and ensuring proper dosage.

Braille and Large Print Materials:

Furthermore, we recognize the need for accessible written materials. This is why we may offer translation of NDIS documents and resources into Braille or provide materials in large print for participants with visual impairments.

Cultural and Sensitivity Training and Multilingual Staff:

As a NDIS service provider, it is our responsibility to train our staff to be culturally sensitive and aware of the diverse backgrounds of participants. This training ensures respectful and effective communication with individuals from various cultural and linguistic groups.

Also when employing our staff and support workers, we ensure that they are fluent in multiple languages. This ensures that participants can communicate directly with someone who shares their language and cultural background.

Accessible Communication Aid:

Individuals with disabilities who struggles with difficulty in speaking requires specialized communication aid for instance communication board or devices etc for this purpose, we offer support in obtaining and using these aids to facilitate effective communication.

Translating and Written Material:

Moreover, we generally translate important written materials, including forms, brochures, and information booklets, into multiple languages. This is to help the participants understand the NDIS process and their rights and responsibilities.

Video Remote Interpreting:

In situations where in-person interpretation is not feasible, we may offer Video Remote Interpreting services. Participants can connect with interpreters via video call to assist with communication

Culturally Appropriate Service Delivery:

All the NDIS service providers strive to deliver services in a culturally appropriate manner and we are not different/ we always ensure to take into account the values, beliefs, and preferences of participants from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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