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Accommodation / Tenancy​​

Accommodation / Tenancy​

Tenancy and accommodation can indeed present unique challenges and potential sources of stress for people with disabilities. These challenges arise from various factors, including physical accessibility, financial constraints, and the need for appropriate support.
This is why NDIS tenancy/accommodation services focus on ensuring that people with disabilities have easy access to suitable housing options as well as necessary support to maintain their tenancy.
We follow in the footsteps of NDIS to ensure that NDIS participants get opportunities for independence, choice, and improved living conditions.
Here is how our skilled team members can help you with tenancy and accommodation:

Supported Independent Living:

SIL or Supported Independent Living is one of the primary forms of accommodation support. It involves individuals with disabilities living in shared housing with support workers.
These workers assist with daily living tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, and budgeting. We will ensure that the living environment is safe, accessible, and tailored to the needs of the residents.

Specialist Disability Accommodation:

SDA or Specialist Disability Accommodation is the housing designed to meet the needs of people with extreme functional impairment or high support needs. It includes features like wheelchair accessibility, smart home technology, and modifications to aid independence.
We can help you by providing properties and housing options that align with the specific design categories under the NDIS to cater to participants’ varying needs.

Tenancy Support:

We can assist you in securing and maintaining private rental accommodation too. This includes helping the participant understand lease agreements, negotiating with landlords, and budgeting for rent and utilities.
Furthermore, tenancy support will also include teaching essential life skills like cleaning, cooking, and home maintenance to promote independent living

Short-Term Accommodation and Respite:

STAR or Short-Term Accommodation and Respite is to help the NDIS participants when their usual support arrangements are unavailable or when they need a break from their regular routine.
It can rather be a valuable service for you and your family or caregiver, offering respite and a chance to experience different environments.

Individual Living Options:

ILO or Individual Living Options offer you comparatively more choice and control over your accommodation. This will be valuable to help you explore various living options, such as renting a private apartment or sharing a house with friends or peers. We can help you offer support in finding and setting up these living arrangements.

Housing and Accommodation Planning:

For this, we will work with the NDIS participant to create a housing plan that aligns with their long-term goals. This plan considers their preferences, accessibility needs, and budget constraints.
Furthermore, this housing plan will also address the potential changes in support needs as individual’s age or their circumstances evolve.

Coordination of Support:

We also offer support to coordinate your services. This is to help you navigate the housing market effectively. We can assist in finding suitable accommodation, understanding the rights and responsibilities of tenants, and connecting participants with relevant support services.

Transition Support:

Transitioning can be tough and bothersome. The NDIS participants who go through transition require support to find appropriate accommodation and develop independent living skills.
We can help by offering transition support to participants and their families in navigating this crucial phase.

Community Participation and Inclusion:

In case you did not know, accommodation services are closely linked to community participation and inclusion. As your NDIS service provider, we can organize activities and programs to ensure residents engage with their local communities and build social connections.

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