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Household Tasks​

Household Tasks

A sense of independence is necessary for people and this typically comes from being able to perform household and outdoor tasks. However, there are various tasks that many individuals are unable to do independently, specifically individuals with disabilities.
To combat these struggles, we offer a range of household tasks ndis and support services to individuals with disabilities. These services are designed to assist participants in maintaining a clean, safe, and functional living environment while promoting their independence. We can help participants with the following tasks:

Cleaning and Housekeeping:

We offer assistance with cleaning and housekeeping tasks. This includes tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Our cleaning services ensure that participants’ homes are maintained in a hygienic and comfortable condition.

Laundry and Clothes Care:

We can assist you with laundry tasks too, including washing, drying, ironing, and folding clothes. Moreover, we also help participants organize their closets and ensure that clothing is accessible and well-maintained.

Meal Preparations:

Being NDIS participants, you can receive support with meal preparation. And we can assist you with planning nutritious meals, grocery shopping, cooking, and storing food. These meal preparation services can accommodate specific dietary needs and preferences, including special diets or cultural preferences.

Dishwashing and Kitchen Cleanup:

We can offer assistance with dishwashing and kitchen cleanup that helps ensure that participants can use their kitchens safely and maintain a clean and organized food preparation area.

Bed Making and Linen Changing:

Above all this, we can help you with tasks like making beds and changing bed linens to ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping environment.

Home Maintenance and Repair:

Perfect Care and Home Services offers basic home maintenance and repair services such as changing light bulbs, fixing minor plumbing issues, and addressing safety concerns within the home.

Organizing and Decluttering:

We can assist NDIS participants in organizing their living spaces and decluttering areas that may become hazardous or overcrowded. This helps create a more functional and safe environment.

Assistance with Assistive Technology:

Assistive technology is funded by NDIS to NDIS participants too. For the NDIS participants who use assistive technology within their homes, we can offer assistance in setting up, maintaining, and using these devices effectively.

Gardening and Yard (Outdoor) Maintenance:

We can help you with outdoor maintenance by offering help with gardening and yard maintenance services to ensure outdoor spaces are accessible and well-kept. This may include lawn mowing, weeding, and general yard cleanup.

Home and Safety Modification:

NDIS funding can be allocated for home modifications to enhance safety and accessibility. We can help you arrange for the installation of handrails, ramps, grab bars, and other adaptive equipment as per your needs.

Waste Management:

Additionally, we can assist the participants with waste management tasks. This can include garbage disposal and recycling. We ensure that waste is properly disposed of and that recycling practices are followed.

Pet Care:

For individuals with pets, we may be able to assist with pet care tasks such as feeding, grooming, and taking pets for walks to ensure the well-being of both the participant and their animals.

Budgeting and Financial Management:

We offer budgeting and financial management support to help participants manage their household expenses effectively. This service is designed to assist participants in managing their finances effectively and achieving greater financial independence.

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